Boost Sales on Amazon

Many authors, particularly first-time authors, believe that after they get their book printed there you have it. The truth is, having your book printed is only the beginning because regardless of what publishing method you’ve selected you need to advertise your book if you wish to market it. Now that can be a may seem like good sense, some authors are not aware from the sustained effort that you will find put on book marketing to have a substantial amount of sales of the book. For more information on how to boost sales on amazon, visit our website today.

One method to market in other words an indirect method of marketing your book is thru re-purposing. By re-purposing your book you’ll:

1. Expose your articles to some much wider audience,

2. Achieve those who might otherwise never ‘consume’ your book, and

3. Optimise the earning potential of the book.

Re-purposing your book thus remains a really effective book online marketing strategy. There are lots of ways that you are able to re-purpose your book. Listed here are a couple of examples:

1. Audio CDs

This is a great illustration of the best way to increase the earning potential of the book. Audio CDs sell for around and often greater than a physical book. For example, the recommended retail cost hardcover form of Barack Obama’s “Hopes for My Dad” is equivalent to the six audio CD abridged form of this book – $25.05.

2. MP3s

The benefit of MP3s is they are instantly downloadable and readily performed on your pc, ipod device or any other Music player. MP3s are frequently offered alongside audio CDs.

3. Digital eBook

The Amazon Kindle along with other digital book readers have put into the recognition of digital e-books. These units allow it to be simpler than ever before to see digital e-books and, as Amazon states, inside a minute of buying a Kindle form of a magazine you are able to download it and begin studying it.

4. Course

Some books are really developed from courses and you may certainly target your product – produce a course out of your book. An easy model is always to make every chapter of the book the theme of the module of the course.

5. Teleseminar series

You are able to develop a number of teleseminars on the party’s theme of the book. You are able to conduct market research to discover what people’s burning questions about your subject and host a normal number of teleseminars in which you answer the questions you obtain. In addition this could frequently result in enough material to produce another book.

6. Coaching program

Make use of your book because the first step toward a training program. A great illustration of this really is Bob Proctor’s “You had been Born Wealthy” book which forms the building blocks of his acclaimed “Born Wealthy” coaching program. Want to know more on amazon posts? Visit our website for more information.

7. Articles

You should use the information of the book to create a number of articles which you’ll distribute via ezines and article directory sites. Now while, you will be disbursing your posts free of charge you should use your authors resource box to direct readers to your website for the book and thus expose readers not only to your book but additionally all of the products you’ve produced in colaboration with your book.

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